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About ACCA | Vision, Mission, and Values

To have ACCA recognized as the leading national organization that provides a training institute to educate compliance practitioners, support economic diversity and promote equitable employment and contracting practices within public and private sector institutions.

To deliver ongoing comprehensive training and certification to practitioners working within the fields of
Affirmative Action, Contract Compliance, Minority/Women/Disadvantaged/Small/Emerging Business
Enterprise, Labor Compliance, Economic & Business Development, and Equal Employment Opportunity.


To promote uniform standards in the administration of contract compliance programs
To promote professionalism and best practices in the administration of contract compliance programs
To facilitate networking and exchange of information among members and affiliates of ACCA
To represent contract compliance professionals and serve as a national advocacy forum in alliance with public and private groups that share ACCA’s vision, mission and values
To facilitate the development, availability and dissemination of information, both technical and otherwise, to members of ACCA and contractors that will be of aid to these persons and agencies in furtherance of contract compliance objectives
To educate the public on the socio-economic benefits of properly admini- stered affirmative action, women, small, and historically under- utilized business programs
To apply for and receive grants, stipends, and contributions and to engage in other revenue generating activities to further the purposes of ACCA
To recognize those who further the ends of contract compliance through awards, commendations, and other forms of recognition
To conduct the business of ACCA with integrity and honesty to ensure that we strengthen the personal and professional relationships with each other and future members

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