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I am Darcel Webb, the President of ACCA. It will be my pleasure serving as your president for the next two-years. ACCA has grown in membership from 250 to 700 in the last eight years, and we have had almost 600 attendees at the National Training Institute in 2018. I would be remiss if I did not recognize Lisa Alexander for her outstanding leadership for six-years as president. We owe her a gratitude of thanks for providing ACCA with her time and dedication.

Over my tenure as president, it is the intent for the Board of Directors to develop tactical and strategical planning for ACCA's future. ACCA is a growing organization and will be working to keep abreast with transformation in our professions. We must embrace changes while making improvements with communication, technology and organizational effectiveness. Tactical changes can be easily made within a short period of time; however, strategic changes will take planning and implementation over time. The three words you will hear me communicate during my tenure are SUSTAINABILITY, PROFITABILITY AND EFFECTIVENESS.

SUSTAINABILTY to continue to be the leading organization in education and training directed in our mission statement.

PROFITABILITY will allow the organization to continue to provide outstanding educational sessions with experts in the profession.

EFFECTIVENESS will keep members and attendees returning each year for the best in equipping individuals with information of best practices and updates in their discipline.

ACCA will always be a leader empowering professional in their fields of expertise with staying the course with our mission statement and core values.

I look forward to seeing each of you at the next National Training Institute in San Diego, California.



Darcel Webb, MACE, MCA, ECMCA

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